Permanent Talent Recruitment


Permanent Talent Recruitment

There is a common need that every organisation, no matter how small or big, shares. It needs people, the best people that bring the right skills and the will to apply them towards a common goal. Prime Resources have the experience and expertise to bring them on board.

There are many words and many different understandings of the word “Recruitment”, and the most important thing is to listen and understand the consult the client, and consult him on how to get to his goal as fast and as effective as possible. You can always expect personalized consultancy that defines plans and delivers the service that you need in the way that adapts best to your environment and goals. We are all about taking that extra step, ensuring that we hire only the candidates we believe in and would hire ourselves.


The service we deliver:

  • In depth industry knowledge

  • Market pricing of the needed professionals and wast professional network

  • Multilingual team of recruitment Specialists

  • Specialist assessment of soft skills ensuring a cultural fit and motivators compatibility

  • Full focus on the tasks that the employee will carry out, to help you find the perfect candidates by not only focusing on job description, but making sure exact tasks can be performed

  • Analysis of the teams and companies key values and ensuring compatibility

  • Holistic approach in qualification and interviewing

  • Full onboarding and closing support

  • Support through integration of the staff in your environment

  • Strong base of connection and proactive sourcing which brings fresh talent pool to give you an edge over competitors that only use internal and historical applicants

Reach out to us for any challenge you face, as we recruited from technicians to the CEOs with the same professionalism and results. If there is anything that we can not do great – you can count on us telling you that and directing you in the right direction.