BPO – Business Process Outsourcing


Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing comes in many forms, and it requires little introduction this days. Organizations outsource a variety of tasks and internal business functions, in fact, we can consider outsourcing of anything that is not the core business competence of a company.

Many BPOs, like call centers help desks, IT, payment processing, rely heavily on human hours and skills, and many BPO providers face recruitment challenges when they close new contracts. They have to engage the recruitment companies, that promise them they can deliver the people once they sign the contracts, and sometimes fully rely on them to be able to carry out the agreed service for the end client.

The longer the line gets, the lesser reliability can be expected in the service delivery.


Prime Resourcers BPO delivery – what’s the difference that will matter to our customers?

Our core is recruitment, and we come from most competitive and deadline driven areas of permanent and freelance recruitment. We evolved into service providers, by successfully managing E2E projects with the people we hire, taking full ownership of SLAs, payroll and logistics. While we evolved, we did not forget where we came from, and recruitment will always be our core competence and passion.

With this, we can offer a BPO, that is done in house from E2E, fully controlled, reliable and customizable to meet your organizational and budgetary aims.